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Welcome to the Metaverse Broadcasting Company.

Our aim is to enable creative people finding an outlet for their creativity and marry them with a system that will help now and in future to monetize their invention of entertaining and informing the general virtual public where ever they are. The next Frequently Asked Questions should give you a possibility to learn more about the Metaverse Broadcasting Company as well as how to become a content provider or a sponsor / advertiser.

In addition the Metaverse Broadcasting Company will deliver in the F.A.Q. section information and updates about ratings and success stories of their MBC 1 Channel shows, as well as shows on other related MBC Channels, such as the MBC SFL Channel or the MBC Community Channel (public access).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Metaverse TV and the Metaverse Tribune get their content?

Metaverse TV is split in several Channels, which are
MBC 1 Channel
MBC 2 Channel
MBC SFL Channel
MBC Community Channel

MBC 1 is the premiere channel of Metaverse TV. The shows featured on MBC 1 are all new, fresh and original shows, which will motivate viewers to participate in them through direct or in-direct communication and invite advertisers and / or sponsors to invest in these shows to promote their products, ideas and services. The content provided by our producers for MBC 1 are incentivised by a contract between the Metaverse Broadcasting Company and the producer or the producer's production company. This engagement allows the Metaverse Broadcasting Company to seek out for advertisers and / or sponsors with the security that content will be delivered those advertisers and / or sponsors have contracted for.

MBC 2 is the catch-up channel from MBC 1. All shows featured on this channel have been shows from the MBC 1 Channel that have been seen before and are now streamed out of the Metaverse TV archive. All approved MBC 1 shows will have the opportunity to be seen on the MBC 2 channel through archiving.

MBC SFL is the latest addition to the network of the Metaverse Broadcasting Company. With the Second Football League, the Metaverse Broadcasting Company is writing a new and historical step in the books of virtual environment development. This exciting opportunity is contracted with the SFL organisation directly and will enable advertisers and / or sponsors to participate in this premiere sports event.

MBC Community is delivering the service to the virtual public to show any sort of programming and any kind of entertaining, produced entirely by professional and amateur production companies and groups. In this open environment MBC has decided not to contract content providers which leave the discussion open to deliver in the schedule that fits best to the content provider's possibilities.

What does it mean when the Metaverse Broadcasting Company is offering a contract to content producers or content production houses?

The Metaverse Broadcasting Company is fully aware of its role as a community leader and provider of entertainment and information to the virtual public. It is always a goal of MBC with all it's offerings that all content providers on MBC 1 and subsequently on MBC 2 will have a win - win situation through collaboration with Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune, our News and Entertainment blog. We are focused on enabling content providers with the ability to show their creativity and in return the Metaverse Broadcasting Company is asking for some security of delivery. This joint agreement between the two parties enables the Metaverse Broadcasting Company to seek advertisers and / or sponsors to invest in the program structure on Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune. Even though a contract between parties seem sometimes a 'scary' prospect, it is very important to the Metaverse Broadcasting Company that the contract between the parties is a solid underpinning of an agreement to a partnership to grow Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune and to enable the content providers with a sense of partnership and also ownership of the content delivered through Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune.

What kind of content is the Metaverse Broadcasting Company looking for?

This is entirely up to the idea that the content provider is pitching to the Metaverse Broadcasting Company. We have already a vast array of program, which ranks from News around the real and virtual worlds, Talk Shows with serious and not so serious backgrounds, Talent Contests and Sports Entertainment. If your idea is part of this group or maybe it is a complete brand new idea, never been done or seen in virtual environments, do not hesitate to contact us with a detailed written pitch to contact [at] metaversetv [dot] com.

Will I become rich and famous, if I join now Metaverse TV?

That is entirely up to the pitch and the marketability of the product that the content producer is pitching to the Metaverse Broadcasting Company. We are currently in the stage of starting-up the Metaverse Broadcasting Company as a real-life registered and market orientated business. Currently, the Metaverse Broadcasting Company is not able to promise, nor predict when the Metaverse Broadcasting Company will break even and when the Metaverse Broadcasting Company will offer real life employments to any joined members of the current and future staff. Even though MBC is trying hard and is already seeing positive signs into the direction of registering as a real-life based company soon, the possibility of getting quickly rich and famous is never guaranteed.

Does the Metaverse Broadcasting Company release ratings of shows and programs to evaluate which shows and programs are successful?

Yes and No. In the current moment we are collecting data through our website viewership as well as though our in-world used media display units. This will help us to confirm to advertisers and / or sponsors if their investment into a certain program or in the entire Metaverse TV and Metaverse Tribune network is successful. Currently, we are collecting a base line which will finish on 31. December 2010. This base line will allow us to compare statistics collect to see gains and losses over the next months and years of coming program. The current base line is indicating that around 10.000 to 11.000 monthly visitors are enjoying the website http://www.metaversetv.com or are actively involved with Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune through our out-world portals such as Facebook.

In future the Metaverse Broadcasting Company will release statistical data about its programming and shows to the public in this F.A.Q. section of the website to enable all advertisers and / or sponsors, as well as the virtual public to see how good the Metaverse Broadcasting Company really is. Even though this is a risk to publish statistical ratings, the Metaverse Broadcasting Company is convinced that through strategic partnerships with outstanding content providers as well as with the great virtual public contributing and enjoying the shows and programming on Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune, the Metaverse Broadcasting Company has a great future ahead.

How does Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune want to receive their press releases?

Press Releases are used to inform internally from press room to press room and MBC has developed a Press Release Template for how Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune would like to receive their press releases. Please download the .pdf template for your convenience and submit your press releases in the templated form.

The MBC Press Release Template can be downloaded here.
To download the latest .pdf reader click here.

What are the contact addresses, if I want to send some information to Metaverse TV?

General Contact - contact [at] metaversetv [dot] com
Sales Contact - sales [at] metaversetv [dot] com
Press Releases - pressrelease [at] metaversetv [dot] com

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Metaverse Television is part of the Metaverse Broadcasting Company, dedicated to using Virtual Worlds to construct and engage a global audience.

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