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The Frolic Mills Show #18   

This weeks guest include Fashion For Life chairperson Harper Beresford, Relay for Life in Second Life event chairperson MammaP Beerbaum, and newly crowned Miss Virtual World 2012 Anna Saphire. Filmed live from the BOSL estates in the virtual world Second Life.

BOSL Awards 2011   

The BOSL Awards are back with a vengeance with an extravaganza of a show for you with categories reflecting the enormous range of skills to be found in Second Life. The list of nominees for each category came from the residents of Second Life and the winners were the ones with most votes. Watch and see who they were.

BOSL Awards Red Carpet   

Persia Bravin, Editorial Clarity, and Viola Rookswood bring you live coverage and interviews from the BOSL Awards 2011 Red Carpet at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium. Interviews with Kimmera Madison, Kay Fairey, Naith Smith, Kianna Noel, Amutey Decuir, Edward Kyomoon and more.

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Metaverse Television is part of the Metaverse Broadcasting Company, dedicated to using Virtual Worlds to construct and engage a global audience.

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