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Inside the Avatar Studio Episode #19 | Metaverse TV
Inside the Avatar Studio EPISODE #19

Dirk McKeenan fills in for Kevin and sits down with Lauren Weyland for another great discussion on virtual worlds and the Metaverse. Lauren Weyland is a stand-up comedian and is a huge persona in Second Life.

She is not only involved in many aspects of Second Life but also does a weekly live entertainment show pertaining to the peculiarities and quirks of living in both SecondLife and Firstlife!



Lauren was born on Sandbox Island on October 1, 2006 into a relatively modest family. Poorly educated and half naked she was turned out into the world, unable to learn the craft of building or scripting, Lauren instead made watercress sandwiches for those that could build and entertained them with her jokes. Since then she has moved on and performed at dozens of Clubs, Corporate Events, and enumerable Benefits, written and performed in Theater Plays.

Her weekly show is every Tuesday at 5PM SL/PST (Lauren’s Place” on Cookie Island) and also does a live broadcast once a month as well as podcasts.

Lauren is also the producer, author and actor of IN THE PINK; a play written by women in SL about “What does ‘Woman’ mean”. This show emanated from the Vagina Monologues and was a fund raiser for V-day.org. She has also performed for Act Up in several plays including MidSummer Night’s Dream and “I Gave at the Office” written by Lailu Loon.

Benefit events: SecondLife Aids 2007-2008, Coat’s for Kids 2007-2008, Pride Week 2007-2010, Relay for Life 2007-2011,Freedom Fest 2009, Tibet Fund, Project Children, Helen Keller Event 2009-2010, Pink Ribbon Ball 2009, Braz for the Cause 2010

Corporate Events: Intel Secondfest

Filmed Live & Simultaneously Broadcast by Metaverse Television: www.metaversetv.com/live

Host: Kevin Feelan (Phelan Corrimal)
Producer: Bevan Whitfield (Elisa Butler)

Rockcliffe Rotunda (Second Life), Rockcliffe University Consortium
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rockcliffe%20Library/243/12/29

Facebook: http://facebook.com/urockcliffe

Twitter: http://twitter.com/urockcliffe

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