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GRIDwrap Episode #9 | Metaverse TV

Founders of the Open Sim grid Inworldz, Elenia Llewellyn and Tranquillity Dexler join Tessa Harrington and Dousa Dragonash to talk about whats going on with Inworldz and running a grid.

Wizard Gynoid wrote:

I’m a resident of both of these worlds. These are my issues with inworldz and Spoton3D. Tessa downplays the fact that Spoton requires the use of their own proprietary viewer. She says here it’s not a big deal, but it is with me. The Spoton3D viewer is very limited in what it can do and I want to be able to come in with the viewers I am accustomed to. End of that story. My issue with Inworldz is that they made a choice to branch off from the main trunk of the Open Sim software. This means that Inworldz can’t participate in the rapidly evolving Hypergrid technology. As a resident of the Omniverse at large, I want to be able to hypergrid teleport between the grids upon which I live. This is the only real issue I have with Inworldz. I love the Open Sim features that I find there.

September 23, 2010
Luckie Howlett wrote:

I am a resident and region owner in Inworldz and I have to say that Elenia is AWESOME!!!! she is quick to respond with regard to questions and very nice. I have to say that this is the grid to be on!!!

stop by any time – Project Hope on Stovin Island

September 29, 2010
PegasusJohn John wrote:

Spoton3D seems to be a dry and strict grid with many restrictions, financed by lawyers, with a goal of reaching out to RL enterprises. There is no “honest” personal approach, but business and law which makes the whole experience uncomfortable, feels like they constantly want something from you to profit or certain other gains. You would expect such environment at Wall Street where money talks only.

Inworldz is very friendly, very welcoming, you feel being among friends, comfortable, almost like a huge family. They do have some technical tune up to do but as a person who wants to enjoy leisure time, fun, creativity Inworldz is my way to go.

September 29, 2010
Tessa Harrington wrote:

Wizard – good to see you here. Yes, we do require our residents to use our client, to fully participate with our grids, but you’ve neglected to give any explanation as to why this is necessary. Here below are a few reasons why. Let’s leave it up to the users to judge for themselves what’s important to them, I say. *smiles

o Client Routing Technology ensures that potentially malicious clients aren’t able to enter into the main grid areas and disrupt service on the grids.
o Ensures that no client entering our grid can be used for data mining, DDOS attacks or any other unsavory programming behaviors, as we saw with Emerald-Gate.
o Frees up our staff to provide the excellent customer service we are re known for that otherwise would be spent trying to control less than ethical users using spoofed clients to given themselves special privileges, use it as a griefing tool, or as a scam device designed to trick users into revealing sensitive information.
o To ensure that as we progress forward that any changes we make to the client enable all the community to share in those advances, rather then get stuck behind …

To name just a few reasons. I think many would see these as well worth giving up the convenience of even some of other most favorite features. One has only to look at the attacks on other grids like Inworldz and Second Life a couple of weeks ago to understand the full risk that are taken,

Regardless, SpotON3D is committed to bringing the latest technology to the clients for all our users ad welcome any suggestions or wish lists they’d like us to consider adding to our client to accommodate the client attribute they prefer. After all, these are opened source clients and can be melded in so that making those choices just aren’t necessary. And for those who love the 10K user based Hippo Client, it will soon be able to come into the SpotON3D Network of Grids, because the coder for Hippo has been the coder for SpotON3D since early 2009 – something we’re very grateful and appreciative for having the commitment of such great talent. Thank you Mana ((Hugs))

If you still feel Wizard’s points hold more weight than these and decide on another grid, that is not a problem for us, because as we’ve always said WE’RE NOT HERE TO BE THE ONLY GRID. No one grid can meet the needs of all. We can all try our best, but in the end people have very select reason for staying or leaving a grid. It isn’t our job to question those decisions unless it is to help us understand where we might be failing our customers.

If you are interested in expanding beyond Second Life(r) or simply looking for a great place to hang out and explore, come check us out and see if using our client is all that bad. *smiles* And TY Wizard for your contribution and giving me an opportunity to address your concerns. – Tessa Kinney-Johnson Co-Founder/COO/Art Director for the SpotON3D.com & VeeSom.com

October 1, 2010
The INWORLDZ Interview « Arabella's Amblings wrote:

[...] Metaverse Interview video here [...]

October 9, 2010
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