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The Frolic Mills Show Episode #6 | Metaverse TV
The Frolic Mills Show EPISODE #6

Bliss Couture CEO Amutey Decuir gives her first voice interview on how she rose to become the designer she is today.

Tia wrote:

This person is full of lies:

1.-BC is NOT a TRADE MARK (easily to check on line)

2.- 4 months doing a gown? If that is true, then she will open her bussiness until 2020

3.-Miss Mexico? I am sure you are involved with MAr Fenua wich uses cryolife with alter accounts to steal creations.

4.-Using RL pictures on her boxes means a violation of copyright infringments for those pictures that are not free license.

5.-Annejoy Paine is another friend of her, just google her and will find many pictures and post in blogs were she is blame of copybot creations.

6.-I do have a question: is it legall to copy RL designs without being the rl creator like bliss couture does?

August 18, 2010
TiaMelvin wrote:

I didn´t even knew Annejoy Paine was still on sl after so many DMCA she faced (one of them made by me)

Anyhow thank you for the info I am going to stop by her store and check if my items are for sale there.

A shame that Amuty is involved with those 2 copycats.

August 18, 2010
unaGataSalvaje wrote:

I am not agree (At all)

Bliss Couture has many of the best gowns on SL, however if the costumer service sucks, the owner is mean and from hong kong….
I would say that I won´t buy anymore her products.
Is not racism, but let´s be honest… that people doesn´t deserve we spend our money on them because if we use common sense America has enough money comming out to other contries, if we support this all we do is make strong assholes bussines instead to suport America´s ones on SL.

August 19, 2010
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