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Welcome to the Metaverse Broadcasting Company.

The Metaverse Broadcasting Company is supported by people in the real world as much as in the Second Life™ in-world. Our senior management is displayed on this page. The Metaverse Broadcasting Company will release in future more positions once they have been confirmed with the correct personnel.

Robustus Hax / Chief Executive Officer - CEO

Robustus’ start into the virtual environments began as a teen by managing a successful bulletin board, which is well known as the precursor of today’s social networking. The power of social networking was for Robustus clear from the start at the first time he discovered it. In the early 2000’s Robustus engaged actively in virtual environments such as ‘Matrix Online™’ and ‘SIMS Online™’.

The most significant break through for Robustus Hax came when Robustus logged the first time into Second Life™ in February 2007. Through Robustus’ real life degrees in Anthropology and Graphic Design, Robustus was able to immediately understand the weight of social power that was channelled in Second Life™. Robustus explored the digital landscape, envisioning a world that allows masses of people to gather and have a real impact on the content and direction of that world. Robustus envisioned the future of the Internet, a complete 3D parallel digital universe, where information is swapped, relationships are formed, business is conducted, and your physical location in the real world unimportant. A world with real people and events needs media coverage. Robustus believes as the technology grows, Virtual Worlds will become widely adopted.

Very soon after the first log on to Second Life™, Robustus Hax created the Metaverse Broadcasting Company with its today’s distribution channels Metaverse TV and The Metaverse Tribune as the blog / newspaper equivalent to the television station.

Today Robustus is actively engaged in the formation of Metaverse Broadcasting Company as a soon real life registered company in the United States of America, as well as in the product delivery at Metaverse TV as a camera director, editor and distributor.

Dousa Dragonash / Chief Operating Officer - COO

Dousa Dragonash is a long standing real life senior level professional in media and new media, with a wealth of experience in all areas of the entertainments industry in both lives. Working as Chief Operating Officer for MBC has given her the opportunity to marry the many aspects of her real life and entrepreneurial experience in a way that only New Media can offer.

Her physical world qualifications in business, Law and the Arts, together with years of working in media and broadcasting, give her a unique perspective on Virtuality enabling her to give her clients and the company the benefit of that experience.

She was introduced to Second Life by a colleague who felt it would be a good match. She had not been attracted to other social networks, originally preferring the games world. With her strong background in communications, visual technology and training, she saw at once the limitless potential of Second Life™ and other virtual spaces to benefit the global community. She started working with Robustus Hax about six months after coming into Second Life and found a natural outlet with MBC. She works passionately with the belief that virtual communication benefits the real in tangible and far reaching ways.

About Metaverse TV

Metaverse Television is part of the Metaverse Broadcasting Company, dedicated to using Virtual Worlds to construct and engage a global audience.

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